XE80CT – 8m Working Height

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8M Tracked Scissor lift with Legs- Features

  • Non Marking tracks, for indoor use
  • 40% gradient climbing ability
  • Small enough to fit through a standard door
  • Can accommodate 2 people
  • Zero turn radius

The Benefits of Scissor Lifts

Scissor lift hire will make your work easier, whether you want to use the machine indoors or outdoors. The main benefits of this piece of equipment are:

  • They have a higher reach compared to ladders
  • The platform is large and, depending on the lift’s capacity, it can hold multiple workers and tools
  • Scissor lifts are a safe option when working at height as there is a railing around the platform
  • They are free-standing, a fact that allows larger reach since workers don’t have any movement restrictions
  • The personnel get to the work area fast and don’t have to spend time getting up and down a ladder
  • Scissor lift hire prices are affordable, and so, you won’t spend much of your budget

Tips for Getting the Best Scissor Lift Hire in Auckland

When looking for a scissor lift for rent, you first need to determine what your needs and specifications are. Some tips to get the best scissor lift hire in Auckland are the following:

  • Will You Be Working Indoors or Outdoors?
    Not every work platform that you get through lift hire is ideal for indoors or outdoors. For example, diesel-powered lifts will emit fumes, a thing that isn’t recommended for indoors. Instead, you should find a scissor lift that works with an electric motor and has zero emissions. On the other hand, if you will be working outdoors and the ground is rough, you should get four-wheel drive scissor lifts.
  • Consider the Vertical Reach of the Access Equipment
    One of the most basic specifications for the access equipment you will get is its vertical reach. Depending on how high you want to get, you can find lifts that have a platform reach between 2 to 10 meters. However, in addition to the machine’s maximum reach, you should calculate some additional 2m for the height of the worker.
  • What Should Be the Load and Personnel Capacity of the Work Platform?
    Usually, every piece of equipment you will find for scissor lift hire in Auckland will have a specified lift capacity in kilos. Therefore, determine the number of workers on the platform, as well as the tools that they will be using. Moreover, don’t forget to allow some platform space for their movement.
  • How Will the Company Charge the Height for Hire?
    A pressing matter, when it comes to lift hire, is the overall cost. When you look into scissor lift hire in Auckland prices, remember to check if the company is charging by the hour or day. In some cases, the company will have special deals, if you choose to hire the elevated work platform on a long-term basis.

Universal Access and Equipment Hire is the top scissor lift provider in Auckland. Contact us to choose the right lift for your specific needs.

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