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Scissor Lift Hire in Auckland – Top Safety Tips

  • Ensure the Safety of the Worksite
    When you want to place a work platform at a worksite, the first thing that you need to check is all the potential dangers. The surrounding area of your lift hire should be clear, and all possible hazards should be at a safe distance. For example, make sure that the ground level is even and that the unit is away from power lines.
  • Employ Trained Personnel
    Before you get a scissor lift for rent, you must check if all the members of your personnel are trained to use this type of access equipment. All workers that will be handling this unit should be aware of the hazards involved. Moreover, they should have read the manufacturer’s instructions for the machine’s operation, as well as keep the platform capacity.
  • Check the Protective Controls
    Every height for hire has protective controls, like an emergency stop button. Before you start using a scissor lift, you ought to check that all of these protective controls are working properly. Moreover, if you get a scissor lift hire in Auckland for a long time, you have to repeat the process regularly.
  • Make Sure that the Access Equipment is Well-Maintained
    Even if your personnel follow all the safety rules, the most important factor for a safe worksite is a well-maintained unit. Your scissor lift hire should be from a reputable dealer that will keep the machines in proper working condition.
  • Secure the Unit’s Stability
    Poor stabilization is one of the most frequent scissor lift accident causes as the unit might collapse or tip over. To eliminate this possible hazard, you need to follow the rules for proper stabilization. First of all, remember to place the work platform on even and firm ground. If working outdoors, make sure that the weather conditions are good, especially the wind. Furthermore, lower your lift before you move it around.
  • Get Scissor Lift Hire from a Trusted Company
    The scissor lift hire prices you will find depending on the quality of the equipment and the services that the dealer will offer you. In any case, you should always choose a trusted company that can assist you. Only this way, you can be sure that you are getting well-maintained pieces of equipment that ensure your workers’ safety.

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