Nowadays, scissor lifts and other types of access equipment have found many applications both indoors and outdoors. The specifications for each case are different, and so, you need to carefully select the most suitable work platform for your case.

If you understand what type of scissor lift hire in Auckland you require, you will be in a position to make the right selection.

What Type of Elevated Work Platform Do You Need for Indoors?

When looking for a scissor lift hire, you first need to examine the project you want it for. If you have undertaken an indoor project, then you need to take into consideration the restrictions of the space that the machine will be working on.

The best type of height for hire for indoor use, small spaces, and narrow areas is the electric scissor lift. This type of machine is easy to navigate in this confined environment and it’s specifically designed to fit particular spaces, such as warehouses.

Tips for Choosing Scissor Lifts for Indoors

Now that you have a basic understanding of the scissor lift hire in Auckland that you need for indoors, you can learn some tips to make the most appropriate selection.

  • Power Supply Options
    The power supply is a very important factor for any lift hire. When it comes to a piece of equipment for indoors, you should always choose an electric or battery-operated lift that doesn’t emit any fumes. This choice is always the healthiest option for your workers as they won’t have to inhale the machine’s emissions.
  • Platform and Working Heights
    Another factor that will affect your decision and the scissor lift hire prices is the platform and working heights. For indoors, a platform height of 3.66 meters is ideal as the working height is about 5.66 meters. However, if you need higher vertical reach, you can find scissor lifts with your specifications.
  • The Machine’s Weight
    You can easily find a scissor lift for rent, no matter your demands. However, one of the most important things is the machine shouldn’t damage the indoor location it will be operated in. A heavy machine might damage the floor, a thing that might be too costly to fix.
  • Non-Marking Tires
    The tires that the work platform has are also significant for minimal impact on the worksite. Non-marking tires won’t damage the floor. In addition to this, look for a machine with dual front wheels and self-contained hydraulic systems. This will ensure that there is no oil leaking on the floor.
  • Safety Components
    Falls are among the most common accidents that happen on worksites. For this reason, you need to check the safety components of your lift hire. The scissor lift should have a guard rail around the platform, which is an extra step to protecting your workers.
  • Lift Capacity
    Lastly, lift capacity is another deciding factor. You should check each machine’s lift capacity to determine whether it can fit the personnel and tools you have planned. If the capacity doesn’t meet your demands, you might need to rent two machines.

Universal Access and Equipment Hire brings the most reliable scissor lift hire in Auckland. With excellent services, prompt delivery, and 24/7 customer support, you can rely on us for the scissor lifts you need.

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